Cooking as Therapy

Jul 29, 2017 | Thoughts

I always tell people cooking is my creative outlet outside work – which is true – but it’s more than that too. I spend a lot of my day wondering what other people are thinking about me, what they’re thinking about each other, trying to get everyone to get along (probably more than I should but that’s for another discussion). But the kitchen counter? It doesn’t care that I just spilled flour all over it. The pots don’t tell me it’s really not necessary to use all seven of them, the oven doesn’t care about getting grease splattered on it. I don’t have to edit or constrain myself while I’m in the kitchen and it’s such a liberating feeling. My mind is free to wander (and maybe write blog posts about how cooking is theraputic) … or not think about anything at all.

If I were to tell you “I’m meditating right now” you probably wouldn’t picture me with the contents of our spice rack spread out on the counter and four burners going at once. I do spend time meditating the “traditional” way – you know, sitting with my eyes closed, being quiet and stuff. But what that’s taught me is that meditating, no matter how you do it, is actually about staying with the present moment. Not being anxious about something tomorrow or agonizing about something yesterday. That’s exactly how I feel in the kitchen too – I’m so focused on the present moment that I’m not even aware of the mess I made two minutes ago… until I’m done and I turn around to look at the kitchen of course. 😂

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