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Jan 5, 2018 | Resource, Thoughts

Hey! Just popping in to share some random thoughts with you today. I think I come up with most of my blog posts in the shower. I always seem to have the best ideas then, which is so inconvenient because usually if I’m showering, I’m getting ready to go somewhere. I was thinking about being “FODMAP conscious” in the shower the other day, but luckily I soon found myself on a plane with nothing else to do, so I wrote my thoughts down!

I can’t take credit for the term “FODMAP conscious” — I read it on Instagram somewhere — but it really resonated with me, as it’s been something I’ve been trying to articulate for myself for awhile, and it’s a much more accurate description of my diet.

You see, I don’t try to totally eliminate FODMAPs from my life. For instance, say I’m at a restaurant that brings out some really good bread. I’ll probably eat a bite or two — key being a bite or two. Yes, bread is high in FODMAPs, but I know I can have a little bit and feel ok, plus it allows me to fully experience the restaurant I’m eating at! Delicious bead should not go to waste 😉. To me, that’s being FODMAP conscious.

Additionally, as the diet gains popularity and time goes on, doctors and nutritionists have started encouraging patients to eat as many FODMAPs as their body allows, in order to get adequate nutrition. I definitely noticed a decrease in my immune system functioning when I first started eating low FODMAP (and eating no FODMAPs at all), and have noticed a huge improvement as I’ve gradually added some back in. I think this is also being FODMAP conscious!

But I think what I like the most about thinking about my diet as “FODMAP conscious” and not “low FODMAP” is that it communicates the flexibility of the diet. I get lazy sometimes and say that there are things that I “can’t” eat, but really that’s not true. Truthfully I can eat whatever I want, and as long as it’s in moderation I’ll feel completely fine! A FODMAP conscious lifestyle is not restrictive. It’s just guidelines that allow me — and you — to live a normal, happy life.

What do you think? I’m glad I’ve got this phrase in my life now, and you’ll definitely see me using it more often around here. One of my goals for 2018 is to be more regular with my posting, and I’ve got some exciting topics lined up! Till then… 👋🏼

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