Going through Phases

Nov 16, 2017 | Thoughts

I’ve been thinking about the blog recently, and the phases of life I’ve been through with it already. When I first started writing here, I was still fairly new to the low FODMAP diet, and was still discovering new types of flours and doing lots of experimenting. It was an exciting time for me and my kitchen!

But since then, I’ve figured out a lot of the important everyday recipes, and sort of settled into this lifestyle. I’ve also got this thing called a full time job, and it’s recently been demanding a lot of my creative energy. Which leaves me with less energy to think about what I’ll cook for dinner that night or even on the weekend.

I used to love spending hours in the kitchen, cooking up these complex creations. Which meant that I was also often daydreaming about and looking for things to make. But that just doesn’t fit in my lifestyle right now. And while I lamented this for awhile and worried that I was in a “food rut,” I’m coming to realize that this is just the phase of life that I’m in – and there’s nothing wrong with that. People change (which is good!), and I’m only hurting myself by holding onto something I “should be” or “used to do.”

So instead of fighting this phase I’m in, and feeling guilty for not posting new creative recipes, I want to open up the blog more to reflect where I’m at and what I think about every day. That still includes food & recipes – as I still think about food every single day, obviously. But food, and eating low FODMAP, are only part of a bigger picture, which is my personal health.

I’ve written a little before about how I think about “being healthy” (it is a loaded term after all) and how that relates to following the low FODMAP diet for me. But beyond FODMAPs, being healthy means exercising regularly to keep my body strong, meditating so I can fully enjoy every moment, and reading & continuing learn to keep my mind active. And so much more! These things are all a lifelong process and they all change with the seasons – just like the time I spend in my kitchen.

I want to start having more discussions about all those things and more, and what I do in my day to day for my health. I’m excited to start sharing my thoughts!

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