Low FODMAP Game Day Recipes

Feb 6, 2016 | Misc, Resource

Writing this post right before lunch was perhaps not the best idea – now I’m getting hungrier and hungrier! But hey! What are your plans for the super bowl? I’m not a huge fan of football as a sport, but I am a fan of it as a social event. This goes all the way back to high school when I’d go to Friday night games to hang out with my friends, and when I got home my dad would ask me “who won?” and I’d be like “ummm…”

So obviously super bowl parties are in my future, but – as with parties in general – they present the problem: what can I eat? Because most everything that is there is filled with wheat, garlic, onion, or all of the above. My solution is to bring my own food! I’ve rounded up a few of my own recipes and some recipes from around the internet to give you inspiration for wherever you’re going tomorrow! Enjoy!

Low FODMAP Football Foods

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  1. Joyce

    My favorite football food has always been soup. I’m actually making some for a party tomorrow night–my friend is making chili, so I volunteered to bring a vegetarian alternative (that also happens to be low-FODMAP.) Go Broncos!


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