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For a Digestive Peace of Mind

Kate Scarlata is an excellent FODMAP diet resource and frequently posts everyday recipes and updates about the diet.

IBS Free at Last

This is the blog of Patsy Catsos, one of the leading FODMAP diet experts and author of the book by the same name, IBS—Free at Last! (more info below).

Monash Blog

Monash University created the low FODMAP diet, so you can expect their blog to have the latest news and updates.

Misc Resources

Monash University

This is the Monash University official website

Monash University App (iPhone and Android)

This app has a searchable list of the FODMAP content of tons of foods with recommended serving sizes. It costs around $10, which may seem steep, but they update the app whenever they test foods so it’s the most accurate list of FODMAP content all in one place. Considering all the inaccurate or out of date “foods low in FODMAPs” lists out there, this is definitely worth the cost.

IBS: Free at Last book

This book, written by Patsy Catsos, is a must-read for anyone looking to get started on the low FODMAP diet.


Patsy Catsos is publishing another book, The IBS Elimination Diet and Cookbook, and updated version of IBS: Free at Last. You can read more about it in her blog post or pre-order it!

Low FODMAP Products

FODMAP Friendly Program

The FODMAP Friendly Program certifies products as being low FODMAP. Check out their page for the most up to date info about which products have been certified!

FODY Food Co.

FODY sells protein bars, snack mixes, seasonings, salsa, sauces, and more!

Happy Bars

Low FODMAP protein bars made by Dr. Rachel Pauls.

Trueself Foods

Trueself also makes protein bars in a variety of flavors.

88 Acres

88 Acres makes organic foods – their chocolate & sea salt bars and seed butters are low FODMAP (but not everything is to check the ingredients!)

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