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Sep 25, 2016 | Resource, Weekly Eats

Hi! So, in light of what we talked about last week – in an effort to post more regularly, and to share more of what I eat everyday, we’re going to try a new thing: weekly eats. Which is, you guessed it, what I ate that week. Because while recipes with pretty photos are awesome, the truth is I don’t typically follow recipes for the food I eat every day, so how should I share it?

So let’s get to it: what did I eat this week? Well, first of all I’ve got to confess, I was pretty bad at actually remembering to take pictures of what I was eating. I even tried setting reminders on my phone… to minimal success… so while I’m still figuring this out, bear with my photo-less descriptions of my dinners.

Confession #2: This week was really not an upstanding one food-wise; we didn’t get to the grocery store on Sunday, which meant that it was Tuesday before that happened, plus Marc ended up working late a lot this week which definitely depleted my cooking motivation. But whatever, the point of this is to share what I eat normally so hey – sometimes weeks like this happen.



So that’s a way old photo (and from when we had pancakes for dinner once — I promise I don’t drink whiskey for breakfast ????), but every Sunday morning Marc makes gluten free pancakes and we top them with peanut butter, maple syrup, and bananas. Protein is either a few strips of bacon or some chicken sausage (Trader Joe’s has breakfast chicken sausage that doesn’t have garlic!)


No idea, as it didn’t get photographed, but 90% it was a salad from whole foods.


Actually remembered the picture! We grilled pork chops and corn (and accompanied it with wine, of course). And apparently in a stroke of brilliance, I snapped a pic of the spices we put on the chops. So there you go.



This is my every-day-but-Sunday breakfast. I like to not think in the mornings. We’ve got granola + banana + cappuccino (with lactose free milk) and it’s awesome.


A salad from whole foods. Shocking. Greens + lots of veggies + smoked chicken. I use this as a chance to eat a little bit of chickpeas and a few almonds (and maybe sweet potatoes!) — these foods are low in FODMAPs in small quantities but contain important nutrients!


Brisket tacos with avocado, carrots, and cheese. Not much to say here — when it’s 7:30, you’re starving, and there’s no food at home, buy brisket from whole foods and put it in a taco. *


(Not even gonna bother with breakfast, it’ll be the exact same from here on out. Plus I only remembered 1/5 days to take a picture!)


Whole foods was spared from my presence by a catered lunch (from Black Walnut, for any Austin people), which was a turkey sandwich on gluten free bread (most likely Udi’s). Plus potato chips and maaaaybe a quarter of a chocolate chip cookie. Couldn’t resist.


No picture, but Marc stayed late at work and got dinner for himself, so I managed to cook a couple eggs and throw them in a corn tortilla. Added a side salad with oil and vinegar, in an attempt to consume some veggies.



Turkey sandwich on sourdough bread + some avocado, with a small salad. And bonus points for finally managing to bring my lunch to work this week.


Sorry, no pic again, but we went out (to Hillside Farmacy) and I got the market greens salad with chicken on it. Plus a margarita, because theirs rock.



Oh hey whole foods salad… Brisket this time because there was no smoked chicken.


Yes, this is a picture of what is obviously leftovers. Yes, I forgot to take a picture at the time. But it’s a turkey & avocado sandwich from Kerby Lane, with a “side salad” — in quotes because it was massive. But tasty!



Leftovers not in the box.


Dinner was bison burgers (with these as the buns!), roasted sweet potato, and grilled corn.

And there you go! Not my proudest week, food-wise, but hopefully next time I’ll be better about grocery shopping. Stay tuned for a post next week about getting started on the low FODMAP diet!

*I promise this post is in no way sponsored by whole foods. Although if they ever want to pay me for eating there all the time and talking about it, I’d be more than happy!


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