Weekly Eats: Almost-Fall

Oct 9, 2016 | Resource, Weekly Eats

Hey! We’re back with more weekly eats. This week was more successful in the grocery shopping and not eating out all the time category, hooray! Life in general has been closer to the “normal” level of chaos, which is always nice. I was also much more successful at taking pictures this time around. Turns out setting really annoying reminders does the trick.

In other news, it’s still 85-90 degrees here, and while I am loving every perfect sunny moment of it, I’m really sick of my current shirts. I think I might pull out the sweaters anyway. Lord knows it’s cold enough in our office to wear sweaters.

But enough rambling. Let’s talk about food! 



Didn’t remember to take any pics (aka set my phone alarms) until dinner. This is the remains of deliciousness from Salty Sow. Duck fat fries with a soft-boiled egg (soooooooo good) and slow cooked beef shoulder with potatoes + root veggies. A great beginning to the week. 



Granola + coffee = life. 


We made this over the weekend – it’s basically this braise but with chicken and a little more in the way of mexican spices (cumin, chili powder, etc.). The original idea was to make a soup, but halfway through the process Marc “what if we made it more like a braise?” and this was born. I might post a recipe soon, but I don’t really remember what we did… 


Salad (half butter lettuce, half kale) with shrimp, roasted delicata squash, a little bit of rice, and pumpkin seeds for crunchiness. All salads need something crunchy. 



Leftovers again! This time without corn but with rice. I think this might be the winter I finally buy a slow cooker – because I literally want to eat this all winter. Also I am so burnt out on sautéed chicken, the thought alone makes nauseous. But braised chicken… this I can get behind. 


In honor of national ???? taco ????  day we had pulled pork (sourced from Whole Foods) tacos with some avocado, plus green beans. Credit goes to Marc, as I completely forgot it was taco day until he was halfway through making them. Me: Hey wait! It’s national taco day! And we’re having tacos! Marc: Yes. That’s why we’re having tacos. 



We went out to Pinthouse Pizza for lunch. (Not pictured: salad) I need to stop eating there though. I really like their gluten free pizza, but I they must put bean flour in it or something because I always feel bloated afterwards. Such a shame. 


Pork chops (seasoned with chili powder, a little bit of cinnamon, probably nutmeg, and some other things — Marc is in charge of this so that’s just a guess) + corn, grilled. And pumpkin beer! I used to be a pork chop hater, because I’d only had really dry and overcooked ones as a child. But Marc has thankfully converted me. I think the secret is grilling them over really high heat. 



You should know by now that I can’t go a week without eating at least one whole foods salad. 


No pic, sorry. We went out with some friends to watch football and I ate some really delicious nachos with chicken, bbq wings, and sweet potato fries. Wouldn’t really recommend this as a dinner as I felt not so great Friday morning. 



Didn’t take a pic on account of being 90% asleep, but I did have something different: oatmeal. Ok, so it’s basically all the same things I granola, just not baked. One tip though: the low FODMAP portion size for oats is 1/4 cup (as in, more than that is high in FODMAPs), but that’s not enough to keep me full so I add about a teaspoon of chia seeds too. 


Egg sandwich on sourdough, roasted squash, salad. I kinda went overboard on the veggies here — pretty sure my thought process was “we have some lettuce, I’ll make a salad as my vegetable.” “Oh! We still have leftover squash! I’ll reheat that up!” And then proceeded to make both. Ended up not eating most of the squash as I was still feeling pretty crappy from all the pizza and fries I’d consumed this week. 


Dinner was this salmon from Second Bar + Kitchen. It’s the only dish I’ve ever gotten there, and I’m not sad about it. The way they make the salmon is so out of this world. Crispy on the outside, soft and flaky on the inside… the best. 



A chicken & cheese taco + salad from Whole Foods. This is what I get when I need a break from just salads there. 

Enjoy your weekend! Marc and I are going to ACL on Sunday, so I’ll leave you with some Mumford & Sons.


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