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Welcome to Go Messy or Go Hungry!

I’ve been cooking since before I was tall enough to see over the counter, and I’ve joked about starting a food blog forever, but I wasn’t sure I had anything important to say.

That changed about a year ago when I decided to actually take control of my chronic digestive issues, and wildly changed my diet (as in, no wheat, no lactose, cutting out very specific fruits & vegetables). I couldn’t just eat the things that I used to (like pizza). But being a creative person and obsessed with food, I started to make stuff up. My kitchen became site to many food experiments – some successful, some not.

And now, a year after my first wheat-free pizza creation, I’m taking another step and finally starting a blog. More than anything I want this to be a place where I share what I’ve discovered, to help people with similar digestive issues. Obviously the recipes that I share will be specific to my diet, but they’re all delicious, healthy, everyday recipes that anyone can make.

I’ve figured out some things, but I’m still learning. I look forward to sharing my new discoveries here, and I’m excited to see what the future holds!

p.s. Read more about me here, read more about my digestive issues here.

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